Communication par l'écrit et par l'image
- Press releases: I have worked for the French press as a freelance journalist in the past and I am quite familiar with the style and requirements of this industry. Current examples of my writing style can be found on my blog.
Keywords: news – newspaper – press – press cut – copywriter – copywriting
- Sports: I have practised swimming, scuba diving since an early age, martial arts later and have specialized in this domain as part of my work for the French press. A large part of my current work revolves around this domain.
Keywords: diving, diver, fins, regulator, wetsuit, drysuit, tank, mask, diving computer, decompression stop, neoprene, o-ring, buoyancy compensator, BC
- Art, history and art history: I have been an artist researching and recreating historical techniques for about 20 years now, teaching them and exhibiting my works. See my website I am particularly interested in translations into French for museums, publishing industry, historical sites etc.
Keywords: medieval – middle ages – illumination – parchment – painting – tempera – pigments – ink – quills – ultramarine – lapis-lazuli – vermilion – cochineal – orpiment – verdigris – azurite – white lead – gothic – romanesque – renaissance – oil painting – museum – gold leaf – gilding – carats – papyrus – frescoes – icons – gothic – romanesque – renaissance
- Automotive and engineering: My father, a flight engineer, has given me the virus of collecting vintage cars. My husband professionally manages a large fleet of cars and trucks. The consequence is that I have always lived surrounded by cars, spare parts, tools and mechanic friends; and in the end acquired a certain knowledge of how these things work, what they are called and how to sell them. Much of my recent translation work has been in this domain.
Keywords: car – driving – driver – tires – tyres – wheel – design – engine – gearbox – brakes
- Environment and biology: since I hold university degrees in biology and geology, I am therefore capable of both understanding your text and providing accurate translations of the technical terms used.
Keywords: biology – zoology – physiology – climatology – botany – laboratory – analysis – breeding – husbandry – crops – water – toxicology – MSDS – geology – cristallography – palaeontology – sedimentology – fossils – soil – drilling – quarry – mine – pollution – sanitation – waste processing – safety – chemicals – treatment – gas mask
- Websites content: As a webmaster and web designer (I own and/or manage a dozen of sites), I am familiar with HTML and therefore am able to understand and manipulate the structure of your web site.
Keywords: HTML – Internet – Tag Editor – localisation – localization – marketing – Global market

My customers’ names and data are always kept strictly confidential.

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