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I offer professional translation of your texts from English into French

Your existing French texts will be proofread, edited or rewritten by a French native professional translator.


Why should your company have a professional translation done?

Your Website, your documents will be judged by the quality of their written texts and this is the only way you can be sure that you have a readable, grammatically correct and nonsense-free page.

The various automatic translation software available at present are still today quite incapable of providing accurate and professional results.

I also offer linguistic services in French, my native language: creative writing, copywriting, editing and proofreading.


Your confidentiality will be strictly guarded.

Do you want to be sure that your documents in French are free of embarrassing mistakes? They may need to be edited and proofread.

Proofreading involves the process of reviewing the final (French only) version of manuscripts, documents, or websites for any errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation or layout.

Editing is not only about checking the French resulting text to correct errors in grammar and spelling, but also about reviewing the accuracy of the translation, and « polishing » it so as it maximises the impact on your audience. Source and target versions are compared to make sure that everything is in good order, and seamless.

In both cases, the output speed is greatly variable depending on the quality of the texts, on the file format etc. – this is why the rates are per hour and not per word for this kind of work.

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- Press releases: I have worked for the French press as a freelance journalist in the past and I am quite familiar with the style and requirements of this industry. Current examples of my writing style can be found on my blog.
Keywords: news – newspaper – press – press cut – copywriter – copywriting
- Sports: I have practised swimming, scuba diving since an early age, martial arts later and have specialized in this domain as part of my work for the French press. A large part of my current work revolves around this domain.
Keywords: diving, diver, fins, regulator, wetsuit, drysuit, tank, mask, diving computer, decompression stop, neoprene, o-ring, buoyancy compensator, BC
- Art, history and art history: I have been an artist researching and recreating historical techniques for about 20 years now, teaching them and exhibiting my works. See my website I am particularly interested in translations into French for museums, publishing industry, historical sites etc.
Keywords: medieval – middle ages – illumination – parchment – painting – tempera – pigments – ink – quills – ultramarine – lapis-lazuli – vermilion – cochineal – orpiment – verdigris – azurite – white lead – gothic – romanesque – renaissance – oil painting – museum – gold leaf – gilding – carats – papyrus – frescoes – icons – gothic – romanesque – renaissance
- Automotive and engineering: My father, a flight engineer, has given me the virus of collecting vintage cars. My husband professionally manages a large fleet of cars and trucks. The consequence is that I have always lived surrounded by cars, spare parts, tools and mechanic friends; and in the end acquired a certain knowledge of how these things work, what they are called and how to sell them. Much of my recent translation work has been in this domain.
Keywords: car – driving – driver – tires – tyres – wheel – design – engine – gearbox – brakes
- Environment and biology: since I hold university degrees in biology and geology, I am therefore capable of both understanding your text and providing accurate translations of the technical terms used.
Keywords: biology – zoology – physiology – climatology – botany – laboratory – analysis – breeding – husbandry – crops – water – toxicology – MSDS – geology – cristallography – palaeontology – sedimentology – fossils – soil – drilling – quarry – mine – pollution – sanitation – waste processing – safety – chemicals – treatment – gas mask
- Websites content: As a webmaster and web designer (I own and/or manage a dozen of sites), I am familiar with HTML and therefore am able to understand and manipulate the structure of your web site.
Keywords: HTML – Internet – Tag Editor – localisation – localization – marketing – Global market

My customers’ names and data are always kept strictly confidential.

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